About Us

 At PURE + WILD CO. we handcraft wild-fragranced candles. We go into the wilderness and sustainably extract fragrance from tree trimmings and plants using steam distillation. We take this authentic BC wild-harvested wilderness fragrance and combine it with premium essential oils and carefully selected phthalate-free fragrance that we mix with our 100% natural coconut wax blend. Our mission is to bring you the raw essence of British Columbia’s West Coast in a candle. 

Imagine if you could simply light a candle and instantly have your mind taken deep into the rain soaked forests of coastal British Columbia on a foggy spring morning. Raindrops bursting with the sharp smell of fir and cedar drip off of needles high up in the forest canopy onto the wet mossy floor beneath your feet. The smell of salty sea air drifts in from the ocean. The trickle of a pristine creek echoes nearby while far off in the distance the sound of a tugboat’s horn can be heard as it navigates it’s way through thick coastal fog.



Sometimes just lighting a candle and sitting in your favorite space can transport you to these wild places. Scent has an incredibly powerful way of triggering strong emotions and memory.

Today many of us yearn for a connection to nature that is often missing from our lives. Whether it's work or distractions from too much technology we are often simply too busy to get out into the wild and experience nature.

At PURE + WILD CO. we help you bring nature indoors so that you can enjoy the wild beauty of British Columbia's West Coast in your own home.


One of the biggest problems we found with most candles is that they are made with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is simply a petroleum waste by-product that can harm our health and wasn't something we wanted to put into our candles.

At PURE + WILD CO. we choose to use 100% natural coconut wax instead of the more commonly used petroleum based paraffin wax. We take BC wild-harvested wilderness fragrance that is pure, authentic and real and combine it with premium essential oils and carefully selected phthalate-free fragrance. Every one of our high quality candles are handcrafted in small batches on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, BC.







What led us to create PURE + WILD CO. was being frustrated with not being able to find quality natural wax candles. Just a few years ago it wasn’t uncommon to find commercially made paraffin wax candles in our home. But with the arrival of a newborn baby and freshly discovered knowledge about the harmful effects of petroleum based wax we decided to ditch the toxic and embrace the natural.

Unfortunately in our search for natural wax candles we found a shocking lack of choice. So in 2017 we set out on a mission to create natural, authentic candles scented with our own BC wild-harvested wilderness fragrance that we steam-distill ourselves.  

After a ton of hard work and a lot of trial and error we are proud to finally be able to offer you our authentic BC wild-fragranced candles. We help you ditch the toxic paraffin wax and reconnect with nature. We hope you like our candles as much as we do.

PURE + WILD CO. - Authentic. Natural. Real.